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Author Topic: Chaoslauncher Oblivion Edition Volume 2 - Fixed Connection Problems  (Read 2123 times)


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The Antihack Plugin is now removed, you cannot use the Antihack, this was the source of all the disconnection problems. This means it will not say you have the "antihack pluggin enabled" but you can still connect and play fine. You can also connect and play fine on the battle.net server, as the connection problems are fixed in this release.



Just start up the program, you will recieve an error box thatd ok, (its the antihack memory usage erroring itself out) the antihack plugin is history. Enable the Connection Plugin, OblivionV406F, and Resolution Hack Loader. These work fine on both servers (or w-mode 1.02 in stead of resolution hack loader). Latency Changer should also work fine for both servers with these settings.

The Zerg Resource Hack and Nuke Blitz must be enabled after you sign in for battle.net, check the other release's back for these separately. You also cannot enable both oblivion and the chaospluggin. ENJOY

Can't Connect to Iccup? Read Below

1. Install Iccup_launcher_setup (you don't need to use the program just install it) (this is unmodified freeware don't worry)
2. the iccscbn file from the installation directory of Iccup has been added to this release already, future reference you must do this as per the instructions.
3. Create an Account on iccup.com to be able to sign into their server


The Antihack Plugin caused disconnects in the previous release, due to the interaction of other people having it on, this is what disconnected you, when you had it on, now that this is removed, the conflicts are fixed. However your "Antihack Status" will not say "yes". Enjoy This Release
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