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Author Topic: Reticle v1.0 Alpha 4 (.Net4) with Greet/Idle Plugin  (Read 1576 times)


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Reticle v1.0 Alpha 4 (.Net4) with Greet/Idle Plugin
« on: September 16, 2011, 03:43:33 am »

Attached is Scope's original v1.0a4 untouched, compiled to work with .Net Framework 4 rather than 3.5 (this was to make it work on my Win Slim 2011).

I wrote a plugin that allows you to have a Greet and/or Idle message. It's written to save to your plugin settings file just like the other two plugins Scope had written.

Features include:
Greet Messages: Enable/Disable, Whisper(on/off), Custom Message (%c for Clan, %p for ping, %u for username)
Idle Messages: Enable/Disable, Emote(on/off), Custom Message, Custom Interval (in minutes)

Features are verified working, however if you have any issues please reply to this thread.


EDIT: File size is due to hashes being included. :)
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